Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

As we say goodbye to 2013, the year of recalibration (the year of poop/karma), look fondly on all that was, all you've learned, and how strong you've become. This next year will be one of strong connection with the Source and manifestation, so be extra mindful of your thoughts and the energy you're not only putting out, but attracting to yourself. I'm so proud of each of you and how far you've come.

Today is a day full of emotion and many of you may find yourselves crying and seeking solice. I'm right there with you. Take some you time today. Breathe deeply and relax. Let your guard down and shine instead. Touch the earth and feel it pull away your worries and cares. Grounding and shielding is so important on days like today where the whole planet is saying goodbye to a challenging year. Relax, do some yoga, take a salt bath, breathe, and know you are loved. Namaste.

Love and light;

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Victim

You are not a victim. You are not a slave to feeling the emotions of others and being upset by devastation all over the globe. Do you know why you feel it? You feel it to draw your attention to it and tell you how to heal it. You are meant to send healing energy to where you feel it. Did you know that? I mean really know that and completely understand that to the core of your being.

Please, my fellow empaths. I’m reaching out to you here and begging you to understand this and act on it. Stop complaining about how much devastation and emotional pain hurt you. Stop feeling helpless to just feel it. Stop turning yourself off to it. Act on it! Send your healing energy to the people, the animals, the earth, the plants, everything there is. I want every single one of you to stop what you’re doing right now and take 5 deep breaths slowly. Focus on the portion of the globe you want to heal and let your love and light shine!

Too often I see empaths complain about how devastation is affecting them. That just kills me. Imagine how the people going through that would feel if you told them that. So seriously. I love you all. But you there with the victim complex, please pull on your big empath pants and do your job. You’re a light worker. Go to work.

In light and love;


Wednesday, November 6, 2013


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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

5,000 Page Views!

Right now, this blog has seen 4,980 page views and oh my God is that not only exciting, but simply unbelievable! I never expected to see this level of participation or success, but I certainly hoped for it.

To celebrate and say THANK YOU, I will be giving away a free one hour session, discussing anything you want about empaths, to five randomly chosen people. We can talk via Skype, Facebook messenger, or a similar platform.

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In light and love;

Monday, November 4, 2013

Religion Versus Being An Empath

Recently I saw a question: How do you rectify being an empath with being a Christian. Now those of you that know me know that I am not a fan of organized religion for many reasons. To each their own on that one really, it’s just not for me and not part of my path. But that’s not to say that this isn’t a worthy topic; it very much is. Several religions feel that any “extra” abilities are not from God and go against God. Some even go so far as to believe that it’s all from the Devil or evil. I’m not going to lie, I don’t understand that point of view. I don’t believe in “the Devil” or “hell” per se, I do, however, believe in the evil of man in the human condition that has yet to see or has turned away from the light. That’s the true hell and devil. God made the love, man made the rules to obtain the love. That’s just my two cents; take it or leave it.

Now I could argue this until I’m blue in the face, but really, what would that do? Nothing. I’m not here to change anyone’s mind. I’m not here to tell you what to think. I’m here to teach; to help people find their own divine path. So, I’m going to help you as best I can by asking you a series of questions. The answers are yours, not mine. They are deeply personal. They come from within and are the first thing that pops into your head. Don’t spend too long, don’t debate, and please don’t comment with your personal beliefs. Here, everyone is respected and honored by me and that is how I will keep it.

Is there a God/Universe/Source/some kind of intelligence out there?

Are we a part of that?

Is your soul a piece of that God/Universe/Source/Intelligence?

Is God/Universe/Source/Intelligence benevolent?

Does God/Universe/Source/Intelligence guide us to a divine/light path, but also give us free will to choose whether we take the path or not?

Does God/Universe/Source/Intelligence love us unconditionally?

Is the strongest power ever love?

Is the empathic gift about transmuting and spreading positive, high vibrational energy as well as healing using the love power?

Are the answers firmly rooted in love?

I think you have your answer.

In light and love;


Monday, October 28, 2013

It's All In Your Head

It's all in your head, my friends. You have created your reality before you incarnated into this life and with every single choice you've made in this life. Right now, you are attracting things, people, situations to you with your monitored and unmonitored thoughts. Did you know that? Do you fully understand that? We exist in a world of duality. Day and night, good and bad, happy and sad. Have you noticed all of the dualities in your life? One day you're feeling rich, the next you're feeling dirt poor. One day everything is going well, the next you're angry and frustrated by all the things happening to you. Guess what. Things do not happen "to you" like that! Yes, there are things in this world that happen (villain versus victim), but remember that there were agreements made on the other side of the veil that are meant to be used as a lesson to benefit us, regardless of how we feel about it right now.

Have you even monitored your thoughts for a day in a notebook? If you have, you know what I mean. When you're happy and things are going well, there's always that nagging fear that it'll come at a price or that it can't get better. Stop that! That fear, that worrying about what could happen makes it happen! If you spend a day monitoring your thoughts in a notebook, you will start to see what you're attracting to yourself. You have to ask yourself if what you're attracting is what you really want.

The most supreme power in the Universe is love and it's so much more than the love we know. It's the love we have glimpses of. Unconditional love in its truest sense. This is what spirit is made of. This is what we tap in to when we meditate and listen to our intuition; when we tune in to our inner radio. You have the ability to tap into it at any time by monitoring your thoughts and listening to your intuition. You can use this power to manifest whatever you want! We just have to use it and know that in using it, we are strengthening and spreading positive energy.

So, stop blaming it on other people and take some responsibility. Intend to live a great life. Intend to spread the joy and love of the source. Intend to have a beautiful life and you will.

In light and love;


Friday, October 25, 2013

Relax Into It

Daily I see empaths so tightly wound, they don't and can't understand how they are causing their own woe. You aren't obligated to feel depressed or adrift in a see of energy or have chronic medical problems. It's all a choice. That's right! Before you get upset with me, please hear me out.

While our spirit was still on the other side of the veil, we made contracts and agreements with other spirits as well as The Source (Universe/God/whatever you call it). You agreed to be an empath, you agreed to experience certain things (good or bad), you agreed. That's important to remember. What else is important to remember is that because of free will, we can choose at any time to change the contracts and agreements. We can easily choose not to go down a preset path. Puts an interesting spin on it, doesn't it?!

So why choose to be depressed just because someone else is? Why choose to feel bad or scared or adrift in a sea of energy when none of it belongs to you? Do you know why you feel it? It's so you can HEAL! Without knowing the depth of an other's pain, our inner knowing being of light cannot heal others optimally. How could it? Then we'd just be healing on a best guess. Why heal on a best guess when you can heal on absolute truth?

So to all you beautiful, wonderful beings of light I say to you, relax! Relax into it! It's all going to be okay. It always is and it always will be. Don't get caught up in the details and rules. Those are man made in an effort to control people and keep them in the status quo box (hello ego!); they are not divine. There is no right and wrong when it comes to being an empath in the light. There is only energy and vibration. Choose a path that raises your vibration and brings about the most good; you already know that's what is best for the planet and that's what we're here for. We're here to raise the planet's vibration through healing.

So, the big secret is out! Now you know what it's all about! Let's get back to what I was saying in the beginning. If you don't want to feel depressed or in pain, make a choice not to and then follow that path with intent and action! Walking the path of light and transmuting that lower vibrational energy will make all of the difference.

Still have questions? Want to learn more? Connect with me directly Blog updates, inspirations, conversation, and news about Empath School and the courses available for download. Hope to see you there!

In love and light;