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Friday, July 28, 2017

30 Days of Meditation

I have just finished creating this is a self-paced course with 6 modules, each with 5 days of hands on meditations available through a closed Facebook Group

You will explore six types of meditation:
In the group, you can ask questions and share insights with others who are also just beginning or adding to their meditation practice.
I want this course to be accessible to everyone, so I've left the price up to you - $10, $15, or $20. Pay via PayPal to (friends and family option please) or Facebook's Send Money, what you feel the course is worth for you and what you feel you'll gain from it. No strings attached and no judgment.
If this sounds right for you, I'd love you to join! Message or email to register.
Be blessed!


Friday, June 16, 2017

Today I Sit In Nature

Today I sit in nature, and by "sit" I mean hike two miles through the lush Dupont and Pisgah forests while at a spiritually inclined event. My body is sore and I'm so tired. I'm reminded that having a baby is no reason to get out of shape and that I probably should have brought something with me to help with the pain, but all of that falls away when I reflect on the hike.

I must have touched every tree along the path. I fingers ached to reach out and run a finger lightly over leaves, so I let them. My palms were tingling with anticipation to lay my hand on a tree and enjoy the exchange between us, so I did it. I wanted to stop and talk to every plant and insect in the forests. I did those things. I was concerned what others would think of me as I reached out, the only sensitive in the group constantly touching flora. I could feel the eyes of the people on me. Some were joyful and some were curious. I wondered how out of a group of over 100 sensitives and spiritually inclined people, how was I the only one touching nature? Weird, right? Well no. No, it's not weird at all.

Each empath (or sensitive or spiritually inclined person or HSP) feels and connects with energy in a different way - a way as unique as they are. It's entirely possible that out of the entire community, I am the only one who felt so drawn to the forest, I had to communicate with it and touch it directly.

As empaths, we walk a different truth than 90% of the population, yet we effect everyone around us just by being ourselves. For us, we are the few effecting the many. I could have easily dropped my hand and walked along with the group, but instead, I followed my energy. I let it lead me and it lead me to peace, joy, and an amazing day communing with nature. I wonder what would happen if I let my energy lead more often? What would I find?

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Crystals and Gemstones, Part 2

Hello, everyone :)
I've noticed the sheer number of people checking out the Crystals and Gemstones post. Well, let's add on to it! Prepare yourselves for some truth. In all honesty I've been meaning to add to that post anyway as new experiences and information come to light.

I know being an empath can be confusing and scary to some people and crystals and gemstones seem to be this amazing coping mechanism that will fix everything right away. I know that's how I saw them, especially when I was having financial difficulties. Any stone or crystal that had anything to do with abundance or finances was in my pocket, in my bra (don't judge), or constantly in my hand. Now we know crystals and gemstones have their own vibration and we align ourselves with that vibration using the crystal and/or gemstone. Did you see that? We align ourselves with that vibration. Yes. I just did that and I meant it and it's true. Gemstones and crystals serve as a temporary crutch to teach us how to align our vibrational energy with what we are trying to call to us. They serve as an eye opener to the possibilities and a reminder of what we're trying to accomplish.

Now who has heard of the Law of Attraction? What?! How does that work? Well, in a nutshell it says that anything we put out we get back at one point or another, particularly the things we focus on. So let's go back to my example in trying to fix my financial situation. I focused throughout the day on calling abundance to me. I improved my relationship with money. I saved instead of spending. I visualized all the bills as checks. I did everything I was supposed to do according to The Secret and in accordance with the Law of Attraction... except letting go. I didn't release it. I didn't stop focusing on needing the LoA to call to me that which I felt I was lacking. It wasn't until I just forgot one day that I realized what I was was doing to myself. I put my gemstones and crystals away on the shelf I'd made for them. I love them, but I'm not ruled by them.

Please don't get caught in this idea that they will save you. They will not. You have to make the decisions and choices to save yourself. You have to put in the mental work. You have to change your way of thinking and align your energy to what you want. You have to find energy tools that work for you including meditation, rest, grounding, and some kind of energy shield (I use emitting). Keep the gemstones and crystals and pay attention to those that you're drawn to. That is how we know what to focus on, but please keep realistic expectations and make sure you're doing the work yourself.

Love and light;

March 1016 Newsletter

Our newest, and long awaited, newsletter is up! If you're on the mailing list, it's in your email. If you'd like to sign up, please visit to request your copy. Enjoy!

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

New Services!

Can I just take a moment to be super excited and firmly seat myself in this vibration of joy and love and gratitude?!

I have so many amazing things to be grateful for and it seems like the more I've tapped into my gifts, the more I've been able to help people, and the happier I am (even when things are terrible).

Over the last year, I've been striving to build The Bridge Centers into something that can really reach out and help empaths all over the world. I have been so encouraged by the notes of love and thanks from all the blog readers, I cannot properly explain it, but I hope you feel it.

I'm so happy to announce that I have completed an ordainment. I am now an Ordained Spiritual Counselor! Can you believe it?! I've seen so many people through readings and expos and happy happenstance, but I have been pushed and pushed to complete this and really spread my wings. This is what happens when you allow spirit to guide you (and sometimes shove you).

I sincerely hope everyone out there who reads this blog feels the joy and spiritual connection I feel right now, and more so. I wish you all the joy and love in the world. Keep shining. Keep looking for signs. Never, ever give up.

Love you all!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New and Exciting Things!

Hey everyone!
I wanted to say thank you again for reading and supporting the blog. Whenever I'm feeling low, your words always lift me up. Thank you. I'm deeply honored by every single one of you.

I haven't posted for a long time because I've been caught up in so many empath related projects. I'm writing a book on empath empowerment, attending local expos, helping empaths all over the world (which is such a huge honor for me), and holding local workshops. I'm trying to find a plausible way to conduct web based, live streaming, workshops for all.

We now have a website!
You'll find information and a calendar of events. When I get the live streaming sorted, I'll add those dates to the site as well.
We also have a Facebook group and page to help build the empath community. It's truly a judgment free zone and all perspectives and paths have been honored there. It's magnificent to see so many people come together like they do there. Just amazing.

I've been able to step outside of my fear and control, which is amazing in itself, and have started offering intuitive readings using all of my gifts. Isn't that awesome? It's like an empath's dream to use these gifts and I would ask that you all please keep supporting me in this journey to unite the empath community and continue to help empower us to use our gifts without fear. Please point people in this direction. Let's grow our community and support system together!

I hope all of you join the group and follow the page and check out the website. I would love the opportunity to work with you and I love feeling your flow of energy. Love every single one of you empaths out there.

In light and love;

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Personal Help

Sometimes we all need personalized, one on one help with our gifts. I know I did and I'm eternally grateful to the person who pointed me toward my path. The key here is learning how to control them before they control you! There is so much information out there, but let's face facts here... Not all of that information is good. Not all of it works for everyone. Often, the information that's available is based on that person's path. That hardly seems right or fair to me! 

In the Facebook group, we encourage everyone to look within and to find ways that work for them. This isn't always easy. Sometimes it can feel foreign and like an insurmountable mountain. Well... I want to help! After much consideration, I decided to start taking on clients. What I found was, in a nutshell, my calling! Helping others fills me with incredible joy and peace and light. It makes me so happy when people tell me I've helped them and they feel better. It's incredible. Not just adults either, but teenagers too. I recently had a parent tell me they cannot believe the difference in their son. Here's their son who had previously been filled with anger and unwilling to share with them what he was going through suddenly opening up, calm, peaceful, controlling his gifts. I cannot even begin to explain how wonderful this makes me feel.

If you would like one on one, personalized help with your gifts, please message me for availability and my current rates. I'm highly flexible and I so want to help. Thank you and stay blessed!