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Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Hey, guys! It's time for some SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION!

If you live in NC, you're a lucky duck! Why? I'm offering classes in Knightdale, NC! YUPPERS! I'll be diving into some crazy awesome topics, like meditation, energy use, and moon ceremonies. If you're in the area and you'd like to join, please check out my website for up to date info!

End scene.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Raising Empathic Children

As if parenting wasn't hard enough, I have to go and throw being an empath in there too! GAWD! I know. I know. I KNOW! But this is a topic we need to look at and we can all thank a dear reader (Empathic Adam) for bringing it up to me in chat. **Side note: I LOVE when you guys message me and give feedback on the blog. Feel free!** Anyhow! As I was saying, it's f&cking hard to be a parent! It's really friggin hard to be an empathic parent. And it's CRAZY hard to be an empathic parent raising empathic kids. Cry with the baby much? I do!

Let me just put this out there. I have three AMAZING kids and the older two are definitely empaths. The eldest (11) is absolutely swamped with it, whereas the middle child (10) seems to naturally filter effortlessly. The youngest is still a baby, so we shall wait and see what happens there lol (oh God save me). Aaaaand YES! Empathic sibling rivalry does exist. I know you were wondering. Seriously. Do you know the struggle of breaking up an argument between two empathic kids, both going for the most cutting remarks they can feel out, and then consoling them when they cry about the words they chose later on? If you're nodding, you're my people.

Empathic kids are GREAT and empathic kids raised by empathic parents is friggin awesomely great. Think about it. Who better to raise empaths? Who better to help them develop and control their gifts than people who've been through it? I can't think of anyone better who would lead them in love as much as we do. So, let's take a moment to breathe and remember that we have a job to do and we are kicking ass at it. We are lightworkers raising lightworkers and we know what we're doing..... stop shaking your head. No? Stop it. I said stop it. LEAVE YOUR SISTER ALONE! Sorry. I had a flashback. Anyhow. Back to you. Stop shaking your head at me. You do know that you're doing. You know that what they're experiencing is real. You urge them to look within and you help them trust themselves with their gifts.

I've created a little list here of things to remember when raising your little empaths. I hope it helps and I hope you find it beneficial, if not today then some other time.

-Treat them with respect so they will also treat others with respect. You set the example for what an empath looks like and how humanity should behave.
-Believe them when they tell you what they have experienced and ask questions. What did the spirit look like? Did you see anything in your mind? Did you smell anything? What did it feel like? This helps your child know they can come to you and trust you; that you understand them. We all know what it's like to not be believed or understood. Asking questions aids in the development and control of their gifts. If you run out of questions, ask them if there's anything else they'd like to tell you or ask if there's anything else they felt. It will go far.
-Focus on the positive. I've seen parents give in to fear with their kids and, in turn, frighten the kids into ignoring/pushing down their gifts. Is negative energy a thing? Yes. Is it powerful? No. It's only as powerful as we give it license to be and let's remember that lower energies do not stand a chance in this "new" energy.
-Teach them how to emit, not shield. We're keeping things positive and we're teaching them to harness their power. We want them to be empowered, not fearful. Right?
-Teach them that they feel more because they are the connection between humanity, Gaia, and Spirit. Telling them they're sponges or that it's a curse leads to the victim complex. Again, are we raising victims or empowered empaths?
-Remind them that it's all energy and can't really hurt them. Yes, emotions can hurt, but it does not last. The emotions are felt, honored and acknowledge, and then they wane. We don't pack up and move into them. Remind your kids this and give them positive ways of getting out the emotional energy - creating, running, playing, etc.
-Get them involved! No good comes from a hermit, maladjusted empath. How are you supposed to be a lightworker if people think you're a crazy weirdo and they can't stand to be around you? Empaths are double agents. We blend in, yet lead by example. Get your kids into social events, volunteering, and the arts where they can learn, practice their energy tools, and use their gifts.
-Teach them how to meditate and ground. Just start with deep breathing and allow them to lead from there. I think you'll be happily surprised.

Hopefully, this little tidbit makes sense. Remember to message me or leave a comment and I'll be happy to answer as soon as I wrangle the baby into a diaper. XO!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Full Moon Ceremony

Oh My Gods am I excited for THIS FULL MOON! Like, buzzing with excitement. I absolutely love the full moon. Next to love and laughter, it's one of my favorite things. This full moon is bound to bring in some amazing energy too, not just from the moon, but people's reactions to it. All it takes is 1% of 1% of the population to cause global change. Imagine how much change this is going to bring about!

**Side note: You're going to have to excuse me. I should have written this blog post yesterday. Today my thoughts are scattered and hard to get into a cohesive line. Why? Full Moon.**

So what's the big deal about this particular Full Moon? This one is a triple whammy. It's a Super Moon, meaning it is at its closest point to the earth in its orbit. It will be 14% bigger than normal - not something the human eye can easily perceive, but it is felt. You know you feel it too. No point in denying. We're all friends here.  ;)

It's also a Blood Moon. A red to orange to brownish hue will cover the moon as it is eclipsed. This moon can carry many ominous warnings from old, but let's just remember we are in control of the energies we put out and what we put out, the universe gives us. The Blood Moon is a magnificent total lunar eclipse. The color comes from Gaia directly. As the light of the sun reaches earth, it interacts with particles in the atmosphere, reflecting and scattering colors. During the day, sunlight is strongest, scattering blue light toward us. At night, the blue light is scattered away because the light has to go through a thicker portion of our atmosphere, hence the reds, oranges, and pinks of a sunset and the colors over the Blood Moon.

As well as being a Super Blood Moon (see what I did there) it's also a Blue Moon... for some. So we have a Super Bloody Blue Moon... Super Blue Blood Moon.... Blue Super Blood Moon? Anyhow. It's special! Let's keep in mind that the Blue Moon portion is only for certain people; mainly those who experienced a Full Moon January 1st. Everyone else is out of luck. Sorry, New Zealand :(

Some of you are thinking (or saying out loud if you're like me), "Okay, Andrea. Wrap it up. What does this mean for us sensitive types?" WELL, Impatient Pants McGee, I'm getting to that. In my own time. When I feel like it... kidding!

This moon will be treated similarly to other Full Moons, but treat it as a special opportunity for you to harness and piggyback on the extra amplified moon energy and the energy of those who are just like you to LET GO! You heard me. LET GO! The Full Moon is the time to reflect on what no longer serves you, choose what you want to let go, and take steps to make that happen. Don't be surprised if, during this particular moon cycle, the truth will come out. Sometimes the truth is painful, but if we allow Spirit to hold us and we lead with our heart, we will come through stronger, better, lighter, and living deeper in spiritual love. Use your gifts and talents to help others and you will surely reap the rewards of January's moon cycles.

My particular Full Moon ceremony is going through some big, spiritually guided changes. Up until now, I wrote out what I wanted to let go of and often burned the scraps under the moonlight (weather permitting). I feel it's time to harness my gifts further now and use them to send my intentions out into the universe via the moon's rays. I had a vision of me dancing around a fire in a long white dress with a halo of flowers. I'm SOOO doing this! Feel free to join me or create your own Full Moon ceremony. I recommend anything that helps you let go and solidify your belief that whatever you wanted to let go of is gone. Remember that the universe is literal. It doesn't hear "don't want". It only hears what you're thinking about. So if you're thinking you want to lose weight, the universe hears weight. To make it manifest, keep it present, positive, and powerful. So back to our example, if you want to "let go" of weight, really we want to be grateful for the perfect health we have right now. See? It's super easy... as long as you don't overthink an empath. LOL Happy Full Blooded Blue Super Magnificent Lunar Eclipse Moon, everyone! XO


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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

New Moon Ceremony

Let me just start by saying I LOVE THE MOON!! I love love love the moon's energy. The full moon is my favorite, but then again I love that big energy. I mean, just look at the glory! I love feeling it run through everything in and on Gaia. The connectedness with living and "non-living" is palpable. But I digress and if you read my blog, you will know that's something I do often. ANYHOW!

The New Moon is here and can you feel that energy?! It's not a "WOW" energy for me, but more of a subtle energy that's starting to wake up. I am a big fan of this New far.

Many people have asked me what my moon ceremonies look like and since I clearly don't mind talking, I'm happy to share how I celebrate and welcome in this energy. I will do another post on the Full Moon describing that ceremony closer to it.

New Moons are all about what you want to come into your life. You're planting seeds and trusting the Universe to tend them. Trusting the guidance and listening to your intuition gives the Universe more incentive to feed your seeds. Ask yourself what you want and if you're ready to take action to get you there. Is it really a road you want to go down, remembering that humanity is still in a learning phase, so trials, tests, and obstacles may be a part of that. Are you ready for the emotional toll? What about the social one, knowing that you may "lose" some and gain others? The New Moon asks us to consider all of that growth before we plant the seeds of intention.

When I suddenly look at my calendar and say, "Oh duh! It's the New Moon! No wonder I'm feeling like this," I take time to look over the past month and reflect. Do I still want what I asked for? Am I taking steps to get there? Am I following the guidance offered? Sometimes it's a "no", and that's  completely fine. Sometimes is an "OH HELL NO!" with a nervous giggle. I know you can relate.

After that mess errr...reflection, I gather what I'm called to, which means I stare at my cabinet of herbs, dried plants, sages, symbols, and other spiritual "stuff". Like serious stare. Like that kind of staring you do into the fridge when you're hungry but you don't know what you want and you're waiting for the perfect thing that will satisfy all your hunger with one bite. Yeah. Never happens for me either. I do, however, trust spirit to guide my hand while indulging my spiritual ADD. Ooooh, something shiny! I gather everything that calls to me, regardless of how much or how little it is. I set it on my favorite table in my favorite bowl. I sit down and I write myself a letter. I let it ALL out too. I talk to myself like I'm my best friend. I remind myself of how far I've come, how much I've grown, who I am, and what I want to see come into my life over the next few hours, weeks, days, months, and years. I allow it to come. When I'm through, I take a photo to remind myself because repetition breeds manifestation. If it's a nice night, I pray over the pieces and talk aloud to the moon, asking it to help the Universe hear me. I rip the pieces up, depending on how I feel, add my herbs, and light it all on fire. I fan the flames with my breath and hands, a reminder that it will take action on my part to feed these into manifestation. I watch and sit with it until everything has been reduced to ash, then I sprinkle it through my favorite garden, so I'll see it every day and remember. If the weather is rough, I still do this ceremony, but either on my concrete porch or in my kitchen sink. 

Now I know that this tends to go without saying, but the moon is distracting so please allow me to remind you not to ever leave an open flame or hot ashes unattended. Don't spread your ashes until they've cooled completely. Make sure your bowl is not flammable and if you do this inside, you take every precaution to not harm yourself, your living space, or others. Also, if you do this inside... remember that you have fire alarms. I've set off quite a few in my time lol. All of this is assuming my ceremony calls to you and you'd like to give it a try.

I sincerely hope you've enjoyed this blog post and it's helped you develop your own New Moon ceremony. If you like it enough to share it, I absolutely welcome that. Remember to message me for an appointment if you're a struggling sensitive.

Namaste, Love and Light, and don't burn your house down with your ceremony XOXO

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Warning: Language

Well... This post just piggybacks perfectly onto my last post. If you haven't read it, I suggest you stop here and give it a read before continuing here.

A few days ago I saw this posted on a "spiritual" Instagram account and it stopped me in my tracks completely.

I kinda just paused, jaw hanging open, eyes wide and kinda darting in that way that says "did I just see that?" Then my inner badass lightworker reared her warrior head and I thought (and maybe said out loud), "Well who's fucking problem is it then?!" How apathetic can you get? Ummm... no.

Lightworkers. Come on. Am I being punked? Of course it's your problem! It's all our problem! Listen, you can't change people and you can't force people to do things, but you are here to be the change. You are here to embody all that is right with humanity and show them a better way. It's not only our problem, it's our job. It's in the title. LightWORKER. You're meant to get to work.

"So how does the average lightworker do this?" you may be asking. How can spiritual people get involved without getting overwhelmed? Lead by example! Show people how easy it is to live in the light. You don't have to bow and say Namaste all day long. You don't have to be perfect, pure, calm, and joyful 24/7. No one expects you to wear hemp and skip the deodorant. BUT! You can share your ideas kindly and respectfully with people around you as well as your local and not so local government leaders. In conversation please, people. No one likes a spiritual ambush. We have a social responsibility to embody what's right in the world. Change the world just by being you. Show them what social responsibility really looks like. Pick up garbage. Don't solve your problems with violence. Recycle. Adopt and volunteer. Be kind and have some patience with others. I know that you know what a "better" world looks and feels like. Now prove it because it is your fucking problem as much as it is mine.

Love this post? Hate it? Feel free to let me know! Comment below or find me on social media:

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

What it Means to be Empath

What does it mean to be empath? Have you ever asked yourself that? Maybe Googled it? Over the last few months, this topic has popped into my space enough times to give me pause and wonder. What does it mean? And I don't mean the very narrow definition of an empath being one who feels the emotions of others, but an empath meaning one who experiences energy as a tangible thing. Yes, the uniting definition; the broad definition.

Well, I know it means that empaths vibrate at a higher frequency and, because of that, tend to see things big picture. It can be exhilarating, ostracising, beautiful, frustrating, obnoxious, crazy-making, and amazing all at the same time. Empaths feel separated from other humans. They see the big picture and they can't always understand why others cannot when it is so blatantly obvious. I have a feeling that this is why empaths get so overwhelmed in crowds. Most empaths can look at one person behaving poorly and selfishly, but still appreciate their place in the grand scheme with little to no judgment. We may not agree and we may be able to think of 6 "better" ways, but we get it and we can roll with it because we're better than low judgment, #amiright? At least that's what we strive for lol. But put 100 of those people in an area where the empath feels outnumbered and WHAM!! We got an energy emergency folks. Chill. You got this. Do you know why you got this? Because it's a choice! You choose to feel how you're feeling.

Don't get me wrong. Feelings are real and they can come at us without warning, but we still control them! We can choose to feel it, honor it, and let it flow or we can choose to pack up and live there. Your choice. Sometimes we are better than others. Sometimes we vibrate higher and we rise above, living in all that lovely light...but sometimes we want to rebel and scream and kick right out of our bodies, taking our bat and ball and going home! ;) I get you. I feel you. I understand you because sometimes I'm there too. But I strive to do more and better. This is why I never cut people off in traffic and I'm patient in line. It does no good to behave selfishly... which, incidentally, is a very nice segway into something I feel compelled to bring up. Empaths are not selfish!!

I'm hearing of a very disturbing trend in the empath community. Rudeness, selfishness, and arrogance all in the name of "personal boundaries". This is not the empath way. An empath is never rude. They are never selfish. They are never arrogant. Why? Because they will replay those scenarios in which they were over and over and over again for hours, days, weeks, YEARS. Empaths don't play dirty. They can't, even though sometimes they really want to. The ends simply do not justify the means for an empath. They can, however, be a mirror for others in the name of growth and development, but only when they're 100% sure it will cause no harm. They can have healthy personal boundaries in which it's safe for them to say "no". Empaths understand that we don't owe people an explanation, but we do owe humanity and we are here to serve them by vibrating higher and leading by example.

Now it would be silly of me to think that this isn't going to upset some of you. I'm truly sorry if it does. I have felt strongly about writing this for months and when spirit continually points to something, you know you must pay attention. If this post upsets you and you start to go down the dark rabbit hole of "well maybe I'm not an empath then", reach out to me right away. Andrea@TheBridgeCenters.Com

Friday, July 28, 2017

30 Days of Meditation

I have just finished creating this is a self-paced course with 6 modules, each with 5 days of hands on meditations available through a closed Facebook Group

You will explore six types of meditation:
In the group, you can ask questions and share insights with others who are also just beginning or adding to their meditation practice.
I want this course to be accessible to everyone, so I've left the price up to you - $10, $15, or $20. Pay via PayPal to (friends and family option please) or Facebook's Send Money, what you feel the course is worth for you and what you feel you'll gain from it. No strings attached and no judgment.
If this sounds right for you, I'd love you to join! Message or email to register.
Be blessed!